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Trump’s 1st 100 Days

Resistance, they say  A Federal Judge  has issued a temporary halt to Donald Trump’s controversial “Muslim Travel Ban”. This is the first of a series of mistakes he will make throughout his presidency. Which, whether you like it or not, will continue … Continue reading

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Acts Of Kindness

It was a rough year As we come to the last day of a very rough year, here’s a very special message. I picked up a book at the library today, and there was a book.. Its title: Lucknow Ransom, Glen … Continue reading

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American Spirituality

I wrote this March 20, 2011 on my blog. Updated to take into account the future yet to come. First, acknowledge the wrongs Yesterday, March 19, was the 8th anniversary of the war in Iraq. It also was the day of … Continue reading

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Flowers Change Spring

Flowers Change Spring One cannot change world /Thought uninvited  dreams/Flowers change in spring. Million butterflies/Create breeze sweep across sky/A plane, flying by It is the sunset/Of our shared humanity/Or dawn, flowers change spring. ~Naseer Ahmad

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Adventures In Healing

(from March 12, 2014) I don’t heal, I help   We just had another major snow storm; two buildings blew up in NYC; a Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 has gone down and debris has now been found close to … Continue reading

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The Archangels

Michael and Co. (First published http://www.manfromatlan.blogspot.com August 28, 2013. Relevant today). One gets tired, truly, of telling people what to do when they aren’t quite ready to hear it, but here goes anyway 🙂 I’ve been following a minor case … Continue reading

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Magick, And The Spiritual Alchemy Of The Soul

First, let go of the ego Original  article: Magick, And The Spiritual Alchemy Of The Soul published April 08, 2011. And now we come to the lesson in Magick. The question: how do we change things? Yes, there is imbalance, … Continue reading

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What’s Up With France?

It wasn’t the best of times   2015 was a rough year for France. It began with the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris on January 7, and ended Friday November 13th with coordinated terror attacks that killed and injured hundreds. I … Continue reading

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