I am haunted by the dead still

911 Howl

On this day

Seventeen years ago

19 magical Arabs

Hijacked 4 airplanes

Crashed 2 into

Tall WTC towers

Others, the Pentagon

And Pennsylvanian field

None were intercepted

Jets didn’t fly

Or flew elsewhere

The world watched

Firefighters and Policemen

Janitors Architects Chieftain,

Jews Muslims Christian

Flew unto heaven

As the people

Who’d planned this

Claimed that they’d

Higher moral ground

Revenge flew swiftly

Millions murdered bloodily

And parents cried

As children died





And spirits fight,

As we must:

Till we die,

The Big Lie.

~ Naseer Ahmad

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Cynthia McKinney Drops Bombshell: Candidates to sign pledges of support for “Israel”

So you don’t represent your country, or citizen’s interests, but another country? OK then.

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It really is time

It really is time

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Zero Is The Greatest Number


(From an article published December 29, 2011 Zero Is The Greatest Number)

This is the number of God

Religion tries to understand God.

Science tries to understand the Universe.

Some feel that both can be understood through numbers, or mathematical formulas.

I like the simplicity of mathematical formula. But when I look at the great mysteries of the cosmos, I think there’s more there than can ever be proven.

There’s been a lot of news lately about the so-called ‘God particle’, which is just the main stream media’s idea of sexing up science so people can actually get excited about it 🙂

The news is exciting, because it can expand our knowledge of the universe. It may help what is called the Standard Model of Particle Physics, a mathematical formula that explains how the fundamental building blocks of the Universe interact with each other. So far, the model does not explain how particles build up mass, you know, things like atoms or large planetary bodies.

Scientists postulate the existence of an energy field called the Higgs field, that permeates every part of the Universe, even in what is called Dark Matter in the emptiest regions of space. It is this energy field that gives mass to particles, or in other words, creates everything (You see where I’m going with this, don’t you? 😉

The standard model does not explain the gravitational mechanics that holds together the Universe, though Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity does quite a good job, imo. The genius of Einstein lay in that he could look at a pattern, and see things that formed the basis of his theories. He would sleep, and come up with solutions in the dream state. This process of intuition is one explored in depth by Carl Jung, one of the founding fathers of modern psychology.

I’m reading “Deciphering The Cosmic Number-The Strange Friendship of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jungby Arthur I. Miller. Pauli was a famous physicist who predicted the discovery of the neutrino and had a lasting impact on theoretical physics. Jung’s psychoanalytical theory borrowed much from metaphysics and arrived at the concept of a universal consciousness, and, synchronicity.

Both were intrigued by numbers, from a scientific and a metaphysical perspective. And in the course of their relationship, both developed an obsession with the number 137, that it was a number at the root of a mathematical formula for the universe. Their reasons were based on 1/137 being a constant in the fine structure of matter, and that 137 had a kabbalistic connection as well. Yet it was Pauli, the scientist, who thought that numbers had a mystical power (they do) which would help him understand the universe, and Jung, the psychoanalytical metaphysician, who looked to science to help validate his mystical theories (I believe his focus on science was a loss to psychoanalysis, which could have developed much further otherwise. Others will now have to continue this quest to develop a better understanding of human psychology) It is a beautiful book, and I recommend it for all the brilliant insights it provides.

But here’s the thing. While 137 might well be the number of the Universe, what, precisely, is the number of God? Kabbalists, alchemists, gnostics, have endeavoured to come up with a number, but each assumes that it must be a finite number. I believe the answer is Zero.

I have always known that to understand God we would have to understand nothingness, or, the void.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light”: and there was light.” Genesis 1:1-3.

So the universe starts out of nothingness, or, the void. And then, out of that energy, comes light.

So, science can explain the mechanics of the universe, with varying degrees of success. It can’t explain consciousness, or how that develops in us, unless it also explains a creator 🙂

Jung got that right, by exploring consciousness, and universal consciousness. He also suggested that the answers lay in the unconscious, and there was a bridge between science and the unconscious that could help increase our knowledge and human understanding.

He and Pauli (it really is a lovely book) started to look at Gematria, the kabbalistic system that assigns numbers to letters of the Hebrew alphabet. So, therefore, each word has a particular numerical value that can also have spiritual meaning. You will see that reasoning in Hindu and Hermetic philosophy as well, and a sequence of sounds, or chant, or saying ‘Om’, for example, can have effect.

Ah, but to borrow from the song, what is the sound, of silence? And, in deep space, is there sound? It is the absence of sound, of light, of mass that interests me. It is this absence, this nothingness that is the root number of God, which is Zero.

The Buddha got it right. Our religions’ attempts to define God are often expressions of our own ego, or desire. He suggested instead, that we try to reach a space of nothingness, without thought or desire. This, too, is God.

So we have this primordial force that creates the many universes. Science attempts to explain it as contained within the three dimensions of space, then a fourth one, of time, but it misses another dimension, of spirit consciousness, and, another: the primal force of the void.

It is interesting that both Jung and Pauli were open to new interpretations of the supernatural, (as am I 🙂 or alchemical symbology to explain nuclear forces. Seriously, all you need to create gold is an enormous power source, but I just want to explain the knowledge for now.

There’s a new physics formula waiting to be discovered, called the Theory Of Everything (TOE) which covers the strong and weak nuclear forces, gravitation, electro-magnetic force, and how mass is created. I’m not a physicist, though, so can only explain my theory in spiritual terms.

But first, a personal story. My family knew the late professor Abdus Salam, Nobel prize winner in Physics for his co-discovery of the weak nuclear force. He could have won a second prize for his discovery that neutrinos have no mass, but was discouraged in publishing that by Pauli, who at first could not believe in what would soon turn science upon its head. The prize for that discovery eventually went to others, but the two scientists developed a mutually admiring friendship. I look at their correspondence, between a Muslim and a Jewish scientist, and wish that all our religious differences could so be overcome..

So, a theory: You can plot a line across curved time and space, say in four dimensions. Or, you can have multiple parallel dimensions, each occupying a space slightly off axis of each other, or, spinning at different speeds. So, Time and Space can be measured many ways relative to each other. You can exist across time and space, as I say in my classes. You can also, heal the past, or, visit the future.

The next possibility is that of the ego-consciousness. It is our collective memories, shared from past lives and with each other, that create another force, lets call it Psi. It influences us greatly, but our emotional turmoil blocks that knowledge. Raising our spirit consciousness allows us to go beyond our material or psyche based state into a magical dimension where things just happen.

But in between and within each dimension there is a space. That space, that energy, is called the void, the nothingness, and its number is zero.

This the number of God. Everything else is a number, a value, is created. But God is, and always has been.

Time circles upon itself, and so, God has always been.

There is the individual consciousness, and there is God consciousness. One is created, the other has always been.

The primary numbers, the kabbalistic and astrological archetypes, all have meaning. But when you add zero, or God, it raises them to a higher level. 1 becomes 10 becomes 100 etc, to illustrate my meaning. You can be bound by your archetype, your karma, or, you can free yourself from it.

People can spend a lifetime trying to free themselves from their thoughts. Yet all I do in my healing or meditation is touch them, and they know peace, for I reflect that energy back to them.

Time and space can be transcended. You can be bound by it, or, transcend it. And in the end, we all return to the nothingness.



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Watch U.S Ambassador Nikki Haley begging for support but is Isolated and Humiliated as UN proposal to condemn Hamas voted down 

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#Magick, and the Spiritual #Alchemy of the Soul


First published as Magick, And The Spiritual Alchemy Of The Soul   April 08, 2011

First, let go of the ego

And now we come to the lesson in Magick. The question: how do we change things? Yes, there is imbalance, and war in the worlds. Yes, we are coming to an ending. Yes, we carry deep pain within ourselves, and each of us has to struggle with that every day. Yes, we feel helpless and wish we knew how to change. The answer lies in Magick, and The Spiritual Alchemy Of The Soul.

Prayer helps. Meditation helps. Even if we don’t always get what we wish, or how, or when, sometimes what we get is better, and sometimes, miracles happen. But first, and always, we must change ourselves. First, we must let go of Ego.

In healing, I see the solar plexus chakra, which colour is yellow, as the seat of the Soul, the storehouse of our accumulated memories from all our lives, and, the way in which we see and validate ourselves, which is the ego. But often that is coloured by the things we want. So, funnily enough, as you’ll see, what we want is Gold. And funnily, this is the misconception about alchemy, that it was pre-occupied with the transmutation of lead to gold. No, it relates to the alchemy of the soul, to raise it from ego based pursuit to the spiritual (though, again, the ancient scientists did know how to change the elements and create unlimited energy)

Yes, we can create peace through our relationships, our children; by living in a place that is healing to us. Even, by enjoying the fruits of our honest efforts. There is nothing wrong with wanting things.

But then you see the next step of our evolutionary progress is to enter the area of the heart, and the colour Green. Here we see not what we want, but what we can give, what we can create.This, too, is part of the alchemy of the soul.

The journey into the spiritual is the same for everyone. As I said in the previous article, first we remove the Psychic blocks that prevent us from evolving, and then, we can leap into the spiritual river that flows across the dimensions.

Yes, we have the ability to affect change, and my intention is to show you how.

First we recharge our batteries. They are the energy centers of the feet, the solar plexus, and the crown of the head, which colours are black, green, and violet, and correspond to the material, psychic, and spiritual centers of our being. When they’ve been depleted we no longer have the energy to change things, and our energies are devoted only to survival.

A change, helps. Going to a place where you recharge yourself, helps, though that is temporary.

Changing yourself, while difficult, helps. Developing your relationship with God helps, though that might be the most difficult journey of all. But once you find that being, then you can never go back to the same place you used to be.

I’ve taught a great deal already, on this site and others, all over the world, and with my students.

I expect to teach more. For now, it is enough to say the spiritual alchemy of the soul requires you to learn Magick.

Remember the story of Alladin and his magic carpet? Yes, there’s a genie in the story, but, it’s all about magick. Beyond the crown chakra, which is the gateway into the spiritual dimensions, there is a chakra I call the magic carpet chakra. Its colours are emerald green, gold, emerald green, gold, emerald green; a five layered chakra. Let your spirit go to that place, and then, anything becomes possible. Invisibility, seeing alternate realities, shifting between dimensions, opening the records of time and your own destiny, levitation, and above all, affecting change, in yourself, or others, or even, in the many universes.

My in-laws have seen a lot of strange things, and I’ve mined their stories, the way I mine my own family, and patients, for educational purposes of course 🙂 So, this is what I tell people to watch out for, to see magick’s many manifestations.


    • Coincidences

    • Strange stuff

    • Objects disappearing (Children and animals do it all the time – read The Dog, Shifted

    • Spontaneous healing and other miracles

    • Spirits and other activity.

    • A protective energy around you

  • Out of body experiences

And Jesus was a magician, and much more, of course. But then, some see magick as simple psychism, of a baser energy, and some see it as a very high spirituality indeed. The soul, having transformed itself, can now, through the combination of the green and yellow chakras, become emerald green/gold. And then, things happen.

There are legitimate concerns about black/white magic and whether the source is God or Devil. As I teach it, we have all those aspects within us and how we use magick is our own choice, but the source is always, God. And there is a protective element within, so that no matter how strong we are, if we misuse those gifts, then sooner or later the Universe will bring all back into balance.

So, talking about my in-laws. He was the one who had the successful heart surgery and the wallet that apparated from within a locked car to a snowbank ahead of where he was walking, and then recently again, while I was writing this article, had to drive a hundred kilometers to retrieve a wallet he thought he’d lost, only to find it sitting on a kitchen counter he’d looked at many times before setting off.

But what really perplexed them was this: my mother in law gave me some money to pay for vitamins. They went home, and a few days later, the same money showed up inside a book in their home many many kilometers away! There was no way they’d placed it there by themselves, since that particular book (a car repair manual) hadn’t been opened in over half a year.

And I have to smile, because here I am writing about magick, and without even trying, magick happens. Then, you let go and move on. This happens all the time; why hold on to it?

We are going to go through the most difficult time in our history. Magick isn’t going to save you, except for what you can do for yourself. Some things are meant to happen, and you know what? It was magick that helped bring it about. That, and the spiritual journey of soul’s end.

Because this is what you need to learn. You work at healing yourself, and, the knowledge within. You learn faith, and trust in God’s love. You go on a spiritual journey.

There is magick everywhere.


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#911 The Christ sent his Disciple to New York, Part II

Christ Disciple II

Cont’d from Part I)

This is how Jennifer met the Christ. She was in the worst place of her life, so she prayed to God and asked for help. The Christ came into her life, and she recognized him.

He told her that he knew her from before when she walked with Jesus and that she had a lot of karma and pain that needed to be healed; that she must follow her purpose in life, which was spiritual, and she must learn certain lessons.

Jennifer’s lesson was to let go of her ego. She had to follow not what she wanted, but what she had to do to heal herself. Jennifer’s pain came from her lack of love for herself, so she always sought love from others. And, the same question that the priestesses of old had to face: Whether to give up her sacred path for love.

Jennifer had been ill, in a depression so deep that it was a spiritual illness, and he healed her. He promised to help her and her family, and he did. He said in the end everyone must learn to help themselves, but as long as she asked, he would help and teach her.

She was a part-time model and actress. She had always held herself back, but once she started to feel better about herself, she quit her job to model full-time, and became successful at that. She needed to go back to her homeland to reconnect with her daughter. He helped her get there. There was a revolution and a volcanic eruption, but she was ok.

Her father, an artist, was in a slump. He started to paint again. Her stepmother, a gifted psychic and healer, had given up her powers to marry him. She became a disciple, and the Christ taught her to heal again. She claimed to have access to hidden treasure, but he told her to forget about it, it was lost to her. Yet, around his birthday, when she prayed and asked for help, she saw some lottery numbers in a dream. She wrote them down but then she and her husband had a big fight and she forgot to play, when she could have won $13 million. The Christ saw it as a gentle reminder to himself, he could help others, but in the end they had to make changes in their lives, otherwise it would all come to naught.

Jennifer started to break away. She didn’t want to hear this truth, that she had to not look for love, nor was it her path to be a model. Her gift was to heal, and not just any one person, but the whole world. She entered into some self-destructive behaviors and affairs.

Then she went to New York, and it was as though at every step of the way, she was being protected. (See part I).

Jennifer had a job as a waitress in New York. Then when she needed it, she met someone who got her a job as a stripper. She was afraid he wouldn’t approve, but he knew that this was part of her path. She had to heal her own sexuality, and as this was how she would meet those who needed healing, how could he judge her? And he reminded her of his teaching, that one could love one person, or all of humanity.

The more things went her way, the more Jennifer got into her self-destructive patterns. She got pregnant, and then lost the child. She met a man who was so needy that he took away her energy. The Christ warned her not to come back to Canada until her immigration status was settled, or have unprotected sex, alcohol and drugs, because she was being possessed by negative energies.

Then one day her boyfriend shared some weed with her, she had a bad trip, became paranoid, and, leaving her luggage behind, got on a train back to Canada. The INS stopped her at the border, and, knowing she was an illegal immigrant, barred her from ever returning to the U.S.

Jennifer showed up at the Christ’s doorstep, begging for his help. He healed her of her demons again, and sent her back to New York. Suggested she cross the border by car, as she would be stopped at the airport. The moment she left his home, he got a phone call. His friend Israel Shamir, the anti-war Israeli journalist, had just been stopped at the border and barred from entering the U.S. He talked to him and suggested he should also cross the border by car. Jennifer and Israel Shamir safely returned to the U.S. the next day.

The Christ warned Jennifer that she had to stop her self-destructive tendencies, that she would lose everything if she continued in this manner. In his heart he knew that she needed a lot of help, but it would not work unless she changed herself.

Jennifer got pregnant again, and couldn’t stop seeing the man. In the end, the Christ couldn’t resist her silent calls for help, and went to New York to help her. As soon as she saw him, she realized how ill she had been.

He was there for a week. He exorcised her again, and within a week she met two people who badly needed her healing, and who could help her as well. One, a well-connected architect, the other an NBA star. She got out of debt, and started to get her life in order.

And, just before he left, Congress passed a law that allowed her to stay in the U.S. Yet, she still doubted herself.

It was now time for him to move on. He was gathering his disciples to him, and it was time for her to make a choice. She could help him heal the planet, or she could choose to leave. He gave her a time frame to make up her mind and went home.

This is a message to the people of this planet. Before you seek love or peace outside of yourself, first you must have peace and love inside, and for yourself.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2002

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#September11 The Christ sent his Disciple to New York, Part I

Christ Disciple I

You can read this as a true story, a lesson for you, or perhaps, both.

The Christ sent his disciple to New York. He taught her to heal and do miracles, then told her to go.

She thought it was so she could be an actress and model. Her mother promised to help pay for her rent and lessons. Her modeling friends said wow could we come too? One of them even decided they would go to the Ford Agency together (she knew someone there). She told her daughter she was going to follow her dreams and her daughter understood and said it’s ok mummy, daddy and I will be fine.

When the time came Jennifer (as I will call her) found out that her mother had changed her mind and was no longer going to help. Her sister accused her of abandoning her child. The other model decided she wasn’t ready to go to New York after all. Every one else cheered from the sidelines envious, resentful, and afraid. Don’t go to New York; go to Los Angeles where you can stay with your aunt!

She was afraid, and asked for help. The Christ said, you’re meant to be in New York, and always remember, you’re going as a healer. The modeling and acting is just the way you’re going to meet people.

There was no money for the plane ticket; it showed up at the last moment. Her husband, worried about how he might manage, had a fight with her the day before she left. She hadn’t eaten in days, She felt sick, nervous and unsure of herself.

The INS took one look and detained her. Nervous, she said she was a model. They were convinced she was going to look for work, but somehow let her go. She’d have missed her plane, but it was delayed.

Jennifer wanted to throw up throughout the flight. As soon as she arrived at her hostel she burst into tears and called The Christ, saying she wanted to come home. He said it was up to her; still, when he left home at the age of 11, he had cried too, but was fine the next day. Did she want to give up and live the rest of her life regretting her choice? Wait a day; she would be fine.

The next day, (September 7) she was fine. She only had enough money for a week, but believed it would be all right. A job, any job, would be fine.

Her friend the model called her, saying they should get together and meet some of her friends who would help her get a job. Jennifer refused. She was going to make it by herself. Everywhere she went, looking for a job, they asked for her papers. But she kept her hopes up.

She was at a club, dancing. A man came over and asked her for a date.

A huge storm hit Manhattan the next day, Sept.10. Sitting at her window, looking at the pouring rain, she wasn’t sure she wanted to go out that evening. A streaking bolt of lightning hit her building, right beside her, the flash and thunder as one. This was a sign, of the kind she knew to trust. And as Jennifer left the building, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

That night, dancing with her date, another man came over to talk to her. She decided to leave with him, and went across the river to his home in New Jersey. It was 4 a.m., September 11. She had planned to be out early the next day for a job near the World Trade Center, but was tired and decided to sleep in. As she fell asleep, she heard Aruna, the Christ’s daughter, talking to her, telling her not to be afraid; she would be all right. Aruna was autistic, but here she sounded just like a normal child.

Aruna’s spirit had come to Jennifer because of her love for her.

Jennifer woke up on September 11, to a world that had changed completely.

She couldn’t make it back to her hostel; it didn’t matter, she was welcome to stay in the apartment as long as she liked. She tried to call her family but couldn’t get through. She connected with the Christ, though, and he promised to tell her family that she was all right. He reminded her how he had been in Los Angeles in 1993-1994 to help heal the city during the Malibu fires and Los Angeles earthquake. Now it was her turn. Jennifer realized that she had been protected all along.

Her husband, realizing she was staying with a man, was angry and jealous. Her daughter called her, crying and confused, asking her to come home. Jennifer explained why she had to stay, and helped her understand. She told her husband that she had made a choice, and it was up to him to accept it or not. Her father started to lecture her over the phone. She told him it was her life, and he backed down. She gave herself a date: by September 17, she would have a job. She started work on September 16.

Jennifer now had two lovers. Coincidentally, they were both Arabs. She told them that she liked them both, but wasn’t interested in relationships or putting up with jealousy, otherwise she would move out. They had to accept it, though the first man still wants her to marry him and move to Morocco. The second one simply accepts her, because he no longer has nightmares.

She started to heal, and the healing energy spread from her hands and her body throughout the city. A man saw her as an angel, and cried. The mayor made a statesman like speech (The first in his life) A sidewalk artist wrote, “An eye for an eye leaves every one blind”. And people mourned, and some talked of understanding, and forgiving, and moving on, and smelled flowers in the air around her.

And Jennifer, for the first time in her life, was no longer afraid.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001

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Battle for the Soul of the #Jewish People

Dome of the Rock

I believe that we all have an individual, a joint (in relationships) a group and a national, karma.

That we have a lesson to learn through our personal actions, our relationships and national affairs is also, a given. Read this article as a battle for spirituality and balance, not blame, but keep in mind, that the choices we make now will determine our future.

This is an article I wrote and posted in 2001.

Battle for the Soul of the Jewish People

In the course of my journey through the U.S. (see ‘A Spiritual Journey through the U.S.’, the following article) I came to meet many Jewish people, just as I had in Canada. I received nothing but kindness and acceptance from them, and a lot of support for my work. They took me, a stranger, and my wife and child, as guests into their homes and we lived with them for the 7 months we were in California.

I was there for the Malibu Fires and the Los Angeles Earthquake of 1994 and helped to heal them and the larger community of Los Angeles. They knew I believed in myself as the Christ, didn’t know what to make of it, but, as one of them said, ” I don’t know one way or the other, but what I do know is that whenever I’m with you I feel closer to God than I ever have before.” Another, more conflicted member of Jewish Renewal, asked, “If that is true, where does that leave me and my faith?”

When I returned to Los Angeles in March of 2001, things had changed. They had withdrawn more into themselves, and not ready to go further. The second Palestinian Intifada and their own karmic consequences had caused them to become more inward looking, more defensive. A proud mother told me how her son had joined the IDF and this made me sad; the young man who sat with me in synagogue was now one of the oppressors.

Another, a dear friend, when I talked about human rights, said, “well, every group throughout history has done things like this”. My reply was, “I am in a battle for the soul of the Jewish People”. This article is written, in love, for my Jewish friends.


What’s your experience of reincarnation? I believe that thousands of years ago there existed a culture of powerful female magicians and sexual healers called the priestesses. They worked with the land and the people that they loved very dearly, and they lived in the areas around the Mediterranean Sea and Babylon. They were the priestesses of Isis/Astarte/Ishtar.

Later waves of invaders destroyed their culture (who were the Hebrews? Another interesting conjecture) and the women, who took up all the weapons at their disposal, went underground.

The bible is quite graphic about the genocide carried out by the Hebrews at the instigation of their “God” who seems pretty blood thirsty. The High Priestess committed ritual suicide and placed a terrible curse on the Hebrews. They would never, ever, have peace and would be spread out all over the world and suffer for their sins. That is what has happened.

The priestesses continued their work underground and often entered into alliances with the kings of Israel. When they were respected and honoured as in the time of Solomon, Israel prospered. When the male dominated religion attacked them or corrupted their work (Kabala) then Israel paid a price in its karma.

The priestesses came back again in the time of Jesus. His mother Mary was a priestess and his earliest teacher. He was the messiah but not as expected or as depicted in the Bible. His first disciples were women ( the ’12 Miriams’ )

He was married and when his first wife died had a lover, Mary Magdalene, who was a priestess , mother of his children; and disciple, even though she was powerful in her own right. Eventually they married, the wedding at Canaa. Jesus (not his real name, IESOUS means healer) tried to reconcile the male and female through himself and heal the divided land. When he was rejected and crucified, his mother Mary placed another curse on the land and people. Jerusalem was destroyed in 30 years and its people scattered around the world.

Those who corrupted his word, James and Peter and Paul, all died violent deaths. When you curse another, you curse yourself as well. So the Palestinians and Israelites are bound to each other through eternity, never free from each other. A people may be cursed; an individual may free himself through his or her own actions. In the end, when people can forgive each other and live together in peace and harmony, then peace will return to the land and it will be a Paradise on Earth.

I believe that the solution to the problems of the world will come through the redemption of the land of Israel, not in the biblical slaughter of millions of ‘others, savage hordes and terrorists’; not in the continued oppression of the Palestinian people, but in the living together of Jews, Muslims and Christians in one democratic state, with Jerusalem as an International City.

For that to happen first they, (and all peoples) must accept the Messiah, the Christ, Maitreya, Imam Mahdi, Kalki, the teacher of the world that all religions have foretold but not understood, except in the hearts of those who wait for that being.

I believe that only a few understand that now, for many have been taken over by the anti-Christ, who feeds on fear, and hopelessness, and resistance to change. I am meant to bring peace to this world, but that will only happen when the world changes. You must begin now, for you have little time.

And the quest to rebuild Solomon’s temple is such a waste; as one who once was Solomon, I say this to you, the temple is inside you, not, a sterile edifice built upon human sacrifice. Nor will the Messiah return to a land built on injustice.

I may have lost many of my old friends, but I have gained many more: Israel Shamir, a journalist working for a united country, Liad Kantorowicz, an Israeli punk goddess who places her body in the line of bulldozers knocking down Palestinian homes, and an Israeli doctor who will remain nameless; I won’t jeopardise his job.

The events of September 2001 have changed the world. The enemies are not a band of rag tag revolutionaries who could never have pulled off a sophisticated exercise like this and broken the highest levels of American security. Sorry, it was a joint American military- Mossad exercise and the end result is that the American people have lost the last of their liberties.

I believe that the battle for the soul of the Jewish people will come to an end soon, and one side or the other will emerge victorious. And in the end, it will be the actions of individuals, not groups, that will make the difference.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001


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Christ, Antichrist and Armageddon

Armageddon II

I posted this in 2001 on my website. Since that time, I’ve seen a worsening of the human condition, with no solutions presented. Religion promises salvation and magical beings to appear at a time of great danger, the End Times.

Shamans say only that these will be interesting times, where we will have to decide between our destructive ways or walk a spiritual path. New Agers see an enveloping peace where we will all meditate together, and rational humanists propose we band together for a common cause, power to the people.

They’re all right of course, but can’t seem to respect or agree with each other or propose an effective course of action, and wait, helplessly. Humanity still has too much to learn, it seems, but now time has run out. As I said, you will not be permitted to destroy the planet.
Here’s the article. I’ll be posting again to develop these themes.
Christ, Anti-Christ and Armageddon

A Toronto health food store owner recently took great offense at the claims made here on this web-site. You’re coming from a space of ego, you think you’re better than us all, you ought to be humble, he was yelling and screaming in his store. Wow, I said, I just came in to buy a bottle of Cod Liver Oil. And why’re you so angry?

Another person asked, since there were so many others making such claims, how to know what was real?

My answer to all of you is that the terms Christ, Messiah, Maitreya are all names you have created to try to understand from your own perspective. I, who once was Jesus, Krishna/ Kalki, Buddha, am here as Naseer Ahmad, a Teacher, trying to explain in words you can understand: I am he that the world has waited for. The proof is in my work, my healing and the peace I leave behind. The miracles you ask for are already inside you.

In these times it is easy to see prophecy take place. But which one will it be? The Hindu Buddhist Jewish Christian or Muslim? They all apply at this time so perhaps the prophecies all describe the same event and even the same being. The Native American and Maya describe this as an interesting end- time. Krishna Kalki will destroy to save the world. The Messiah will redeem the land of Israel. Jesus Christ will fight the battle of Armageddon, no, he’ll fight to save the Muslims.
Since it’s so easy to believe in an external Satan, it’s easy to believe in Christ and Anti-Christ. Good vs evil, darkness vs light. So easy, in the face of all the evil that is being done now, to believe in evil beings. Not us, but they, he, it. But evil exists inside all of us. Have we not condoned evil? The carpet bombing of Afghanistan, the creeping genocide of the Palestinian people, the ten- year blockade of Iraq that has killed three quarters of a million children, the rape of Africa? So believe, if you will, that it is the oppressed who are evil. Believe in a horde of Arabs invading poor little Israel and the Messiah killing them all on the plains of Armageddon.
The true battle will take place inside you. You will wake up from your sleep and see what is real, or you will not. You will fight to change the world, or you will not. Your weapons will be not bombs, terror, or killing, but magic, spirit, and love.
Is there a Christ or an Anti-Christ? Yes, but not in the way you believe. The Anti-Christ is the energy of fear, control, and resistance to change that exists in all of us. The Christ exists in all of us too, in the goodness that is there.
So don’t expect this supernatural being to show up, one who conforms to your myths and belief systems, and who will solve all the problems of the world. The saving of the world depends on you, not I.
The Phoenix is my symbol. It represents humanity going through the pain of fire, and being reborn. I am here to demand justice for the poor and oppressed of the world, and it matters not, whether you believe in me or not. But to find God, you will have to go through me. I bring you peace, love and joy.
©- Naseer Ahmad-2001
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