Just a gentle reminder how dangerous Italy can be, and how often, justice gets swept under the rug for political reasons.

Controversial Italian film director Pier Paolo Pasolini was a poet and public intellectual who hated the direction Italy was taking. He died November 02, 1975 under mysterious circumstances which still are subject to considerable debate. 

As we come up to the anniversary of Pasolini‘s death, it helps to get background.

Supposedly killed by a single killer, a homosexual prostitute, many in Italy believe it was the state that killed him. A 2014 movie Pasolini by director Abel Ferrara starring Willem Dafoe was denied the Golden Lion at Venice’s Biennale as Italy found the subject matter, too hot to handle.

Who really killed Pier Paolo Pasolini?

Ed Vulliamy, The Guardian August 24, 2014

Who really killed Pier Paolo Pasolini?
Ferrara says: “I know who killed Pasolini,” but will not give a name…

Pelosi was convicted in 1976, with “unknown others”. Forensic examination by Dr Faustino Durante concluded that “Pasolini was the victim of an attack carried out by more than one person”.

On appeal, however, the “others” were written out of the verdict.

Pasolini‘s view of a new totalitarianism whereby hyper-materialism was destroying the culture of Italy can be seen now as brilliant foresight into what has happened to the world generally in an internet age. But his critique had been, for months before the murder, more specific. He had singled out television as an especially pernicious influence, predicting the rise and power of a type such as media-mogul-turned-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi long before time.

More specific still, he had written a series of columns for Corriere della Sera denouncing the leadership of the ruling Christian Democratic party as riddled with Mafia influence, predicting the so-called Tangentopoli – “kickback city” – scandals 15 years later, whereby an entire political class was put under arrest during the early 1990s. In his columns, Pasolini declared that the Christian Democratic leadership should stand trial, not only for corruption but association with neo-fascist terrorism, such as the bombing of trains and a demonstration in Milan

Again, a spine-chilling vindication: these were the so-called “years of lead” in Italy, culminating in the bombing of Bologna station five years after Pasolini‘s death by neo-fascists working with the secret services, killing 82 people…

So it was that, in the wake of the murder in 1975, those close to Pasolini saw the hand of power behind his killing. It would not have been a first: prominent leftists were often attacked or killed; feminist Franca Rame, who would marry the anarchist playwright Dario Fo, was gang-raped by neo-fascists, urged by the Carabinieri…

Then, in 2005, the floodgates opened. Pelosi, interviewed on television, retracted his confession, saying that two brothers and another man had killed Pasolini, calling him a “queer” and “dirty communist” as they beat him to death. They frequented, he said, the Tiburtina branch of the MSI neo-fascist party. Three years later, Pelosi gave further names in an essay called “Deep Black”, released by the radical publisher Chiarelettere, revealing connections to even more extreme fascist cells tied to the state secret services, saying he had not previously dared to speak, after threats to his family.

One of Pasolini‘s closest friends, assistant director Sergio Citti, then came to the fore to say that his own investigations had produced evidence entirely overlooked: bloodied pieces of the stick dumped close to the football pitch, and a witness ignored by the official investigation who had seen five men drag Pasolini from the car…


Coincidentally, Pasolini’s anniversary also falls on the day UK student Meredith Kercher’s body was found in Perugia, November 02, 2007. The twists and turns of her murder case have in many ways also revealed the workings of the Italian deep state, and the unexpected outcome, where even though the courts ruled she had been killed in conjunction with others, only we are now left with a sole killer, like Pasolini, heightens the mystery..

It appears that certain powers in Italy, would not like the Knox/Sollecito case reopened. We have seen that already in the Monster of Florence murder investigations as well. In a country where neither prime ministers, nor judges, nor journalists, nor private citizens, are safe, people must indeed tread very lightly. They must keep silent and accept things the way they are since it’s “over”.

Kudos, then, to those who would not be cowed.


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The #Cancer Lessons


(First published on my main blog The Cancer Lessons August 09, 2010)

The Cancer Microbe

Everyone has Cancer.


Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my practice have been through my study of Cancer and patients who had it.


My first patients all had cancers and I was able to ‘cure’ them, and many more. But I found myself asking, what’s the lesson here? Sure, we can learn to prevent it, and in the process learn greater things about health, diet, and nutrition. But, there are greater lessons also. About how it not only is a physical illness, but, an emotional one.


This isn’t an easy lesson to learn. Or easy for people to accept either. So I had to learn to accept the karma within cancer, and to help people let go of it.


Hulda Clark passed away recently. A naturopathic doctor and author of the unfortunately titled “The Cure For All Cancers” supposedly died of multiple myeloma. Many of the mean minded who oppose alternative medicine said, “see? She couldn’t even cure herself!” But they were wrong, the cause of death as listed in the death certificate was anemia, with calcaremia as a contributory illness. Multiple myeloma was listed later, as an underlying illness, not even contributing to death.


How is this? Is it possible that many of us can have cancer as an underlying illness, and still live (as she did) to the age of 80?


Anyhow, here’s what I know. We all have cancer. And, cancer has inner levels of emotional and spiritual cause, and the key is not to cure cancer, but, to understand it. This the true healing, that illness is the first step in a journey to understanding yourself.


So, why do people get cancer? Well, there are those who know that cancer is a fungal disease. Or blame a combination of viruses and bacteria. Or parasites. Is there inherited genetic damage or an acquired damage to cells?


The environmental factors are a key in themselves. Chemicals, hormone disrupters, pesticides and herbicides are all the byproducts of a consumer society. Radiation, nuclear waste, and electromagnetic pollution are all factors in why our children are being born with a predisposition to cancer.


And that is only the physical manifestation; cancer is an emotional illness. Those of us more emotionally sensitive, more likely to hold on to hurts, or open to external pain, are likely to develop cancer. The unrequited love and the unfulfilled dreams. I have known many healers who died, suddenly. One day they were fine, the next, diagnosed with liver cancer, and gone in 3 months.


But then, cancer is the most karmic illness of all, and it is no coincidence that 1 in 2 will have it in their lifetime.


But really, it is a cancer of the spirit that affects every one on this planet. People are stuck in this plane on a planet consumed by a war between the material and the spirit, and an environment that is already dying.


How, then, to ‘cure’ cancer? Well, just be free of the outcome, and not wedded to it. Do what you can, and in this respect I suggest you check out the following links for more research, albeit on the physical model:


Regarding the condition of the organism as a breeding ground of illness as opposed to the Germ Theory, you want to look up Antoine Bechamp, the French biologist who was the contemporary of Pasteur: http://www.metropolisink.com/bechamp/index.htm


Bechamp is now widely ignored, but Pasteur, who falsified his own experiments, and plagiarized and misunderstood Bechamp’s is widely credited by the medical profession, perhaps because if you have a bacteria or virus you can focus on magical bullets, while Bechamp would have you take responsibility for your own health and practice preventative, not just curative medicine. Bechamp’s seminal book, THE BLOOD AND ITS THIRD ELEMENT ought be required reading in every medical school. If his theories had been carried into the mainstream, Medicine would be entirely different today.


Virginia Livingston, MD (1906-1990) was a medical genius who is credited with identifying the Cancer Microbe: http://www.whale.to/cancer/cantwell3.html


“In 1969 at a meeting at the New York Academy of Sciences , Livingston and her colleagues proposed that cancer was caused by a highly unusual bacterium which she named Progenitor cryptocides-Greek for ‘ancestral hidden killer.’ Nevertheless, Livingston claimed elements of the microbe were present in every human cell. Due to its biochemical properties, she believed the organism was responsible for initiating life and for the healing of tissue-and for killing us with cancer and other infirmities. Critics of this research continued to insist there was no such thing as a cancer germ”


“According to reports by Livingston and various other researchers, cancer is caused by pleomorphic, cell wall deficient bacteria. The various forms of the organism range in size from submicroscopic virus-like forms, up to the size of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. In culture and in tissue the bacterial forms are variably ‘acid-fast’ (having a staining quality like TB bacteria). These bacteria are ubiquitous and exist in the blood and tissues of all human beings (yet another ‘heresy’). In the absence of a protective immune response, these cell wall deficient bacteria may become pathogenic and foster the development of cancer , autoimmune disease, AIDS, and certain other chronic diseases of unknown etiology”


Royal Raymond Rife was a giant: http://www.rense.com/health/rife.htm and he actually identified the virus Virginia Livingstone is credited with, in 1920! He built ‘beam ray’ machines that successfully killed the virus and saved many patients. His story is so long you need to read the article and research him further yourself. Another link is at: http://rife.org


And then you want to read THE VIRUS AND THE VACCINE by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher http://www.gulfwarvets.com/virus.htm and how contaminated Polio vaccines have led to the explosion in brain tumours:


“HARVEY Pass, the chief of thoracic surgery at the National Cancer Institute, in Bethesda, Maryland, was sitting in his laboratory one spring afternoon in 1993 when Michele Carbone, a wiry young Italian pathologist who was working as a researcher at the NCI, strode in with an unusual request. Pass had never before met Carbone, and had talked to him for the first time, on the telephone, only a few hours before. Now Carbone was asking Pass for his help in proving a controversial theory he had developed about the origins of mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that afflicts the mesothelial cells in the lining of the chest and the lung. Mesothelioma was virtually unheard of prior to 1950, but the incidence of the disease has risen steadily since then. Though it is considered rare — accounting for the deaths of about 3,000 Americans a year, or about one half of one percent of all domestic cancer deaths — the disease is particularly pernicious. Most patients die within eighteen months of diagnosis.


Pass, one of the world’s leading mesothelioma surgeons, knew, like other scientists, that the disease was caused by asbestos exposure. But Carbone had a hunch he wanted to explore. He told Pass that he wondered if the cancer might also be caused by a virus — a monkey virus, known as simian virus 40, or SV40, that had widely contaminated early doses of the polio vaccine, but that had long been presumed to be harmless to people”


But it really is the human story I want to tell. There was a lovely woman who went through 3 unnecessary rounds of chemotherapy and finally succumbed to the cancer while witnessing her 2nd husband and daughter fight each other over who should inherit her property. She wanted to escape them.


A woman who was in such pain that even morphine wouldn’t ease it, and I helped her to sleep, and pass on 8 hours later. Another, whose family urged him to ‘fight the cancer!’ just hanging on so as not to cause them pain. And I had to say enough, and did my final healing, and he passed on peacefully too, within a few hours.


And one other, who was the kindest angel, and I gave her the gift of kindness, and in the end she told us she saw the light, and eagerly went into it.


Yes, cancer is a lesson for all of us. I saw it was my place to help people, but also the planet that created the cancers. And if it is not meant to be, then so be it; it still is a process we must go through.


I am a healer, and I heal, but do not cure.


I bring peace.

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The Natural Treatment of Mental Illness


First, take no medication

I lost a dear friend recently. Sudden, unexpected cardiac arrest. Beware the ‘new’ meds Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs and the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

There are extensive data linking the typical antipsychotic drugs to an increased risk of sudden cardiac death. These medications block repolarizing potassium currents in vitro1,2 and prolong the QT interval, 1,3,4 one important causal mechanism for the ventricular tachyarrhythmias that often lead to sudden cardiac death.5

Which inspired me to reprint this article  The Natural Treatment of Mental Illness  (Originally published August 13, 2012)

First, take no medication

I’d wanted to write this piece about The Natural Treatment of Mental Illness for a very long time, but every time I did, something would come up. This is what I wrote in my last article: “The planets Pluto and Uranus will enter into square position to each other this June 24, 2012. We have been feeling its stressful effects since the super moon of last month, and the Transit of Venus, which also had a message of its own I shared with you last. There was an upsurge of psychosis and gruesome murders, and almost every one I know is in a state of crisis”.

I’d been involved in the Meredith Kercher murder case that kept bringing up new insights into criminal pathology; we had the horrific Luka Magnotta case right here in Canada, where a deranged young man killed and dismembered another young man and videotaped the whole crime, and finally, we had the largest mass shooting in the United States at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. 12 people were killed, and 58 more injured. Interesting coincidence, but the shooter was a young neuroscientist born the same year as Amanda Knox, and he, too, had no earlier indication of anything being wrong. He had just presented a paper on micro-RNA research in a class titled “The Biological Markers of Mental Illness” which closely matches my current field of study.

But, much as the study of criminal psychology interests me, my practice has had more to do with the broader definition of mental illness, as a breakdown of the human race and society.

I am a physician, but I also am a spiritual teacher. A search for the causes and treatment of mental illness has been a lifelong passion of mine. I have long concluded that there are not only physical and emotional causes for every illness, there also are, spiritual causes. Not the sort of paper one can present to a medical journal, but that’s ok. I’d rather pass on my findings to other doctors to carry on the research, and write in plain language, for ordinary people.

And now, it seems that concurrent with the breakdown of spirituality in society, there is a huge increase in mental illness around the world. And what I classify as mental illness, is not just the isolated cases of criminality or the increased numbers of mentally ill people, but what I see in our political, financial and social elites. What could the greed and lust for power and countless wars, destruction of our environment, and whole scale theft be classified as anything but a widespread pathology?

But first, I would like to share my journey with you.

In ancient times, mentally ill people were considered to be blessed by the gods.

Then, they were thought to be possessed by demons.

Jesus, the healer, is said to have cast out evil spirits. But then, he knew all along that mental illness is also, a spiritual illness. Until we recognize that, all the search for a defective gene or chemical imbalance or areas of brain damage or physical treatments will make no difference at all.

I have already written that several people in my family suffer from Autism. I’ve also published much of my research and discoveries in the effective treatment and prevention of such disorders. I shared this information with other doctors and specialists around the world, at international conferences on alternative medicine, in my free clinics, and now, I am writing this article to share the information with you.

One of the first books I read on Psychology was a treatise on Criminal Psychology, the second on The Mass Psychology of Crowds. (I was 14 years old, and we had a well stocked school library, courtesy of the British Council) Since then I have done a lot of work in looking up the connection between criminality and mental illness.

I also, through my connections with the Psychic (and Arts) community, discovered a close connection between their extreme emotional sensitivities, schizophrenia, and depression. Yes, I lost many of my friends to suicide, and wish I could have helped them more, even though my first lesson has always been, you can’t help everyone.

See my Michael Jackson, the Drowning Man July 03, 2009

There may be environmental or genetic reasons why we are having a huge increase in mental illness figures. The old figures were that 10% of our children had some sort of a learning disorder; it’s likely to be much higher now. And I am reminded every day about the disturbing increase in psychoses and psychotic behaviour in society.

Nature vs nurture may play a part. Vaccines cause brain damage across several generations, this much I know through my work (article to follow) Environmental pollutants and neurotoxins (mercury, fluoridated water, aspartame, MSG) definitely play a part. Trauma, be it emotional or physical, plays a part.

There are those who believe that the major psychiatric illnesses, depression, schizophrenia, paranoid psychosis, and psychopathy are all caused by neurotransmitter deficiencies, inactive areas of the prefrontal cortex, or brain damage. True, but I do not agree with the treatments used by conventional psychiatry, which consists of chemical, electrical, or physical lobotomies of the brain.

Then there are many in the alternative field who say mental illness, especially depression and ADHD,  is over diagnosed. I do not agree entirely. Yes, there are way too many new ‘labels’, each designed to widen the market for psychotropic medication. But, there is a definite increase in mental illness, sociopathy, and psychosis. I fear for the survival of society, for we are now passing on illness to our children. Homoeopathy calls it a  miasm, but that really is the same as genetic damage.

But first, I have a unifying theory that covers the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the illness. Before I teach you about treatment, first, I must educate you.

First, my previous articles:

The Criminal Mind September 02, 2011, which shows the similar patterns of brain damage in psychopaths and schizophrenics. Then, please read about my work in Autism here:

Not Incurable-New Research on Autism  December 11, 2007, you will get an overview of my approach.

Then, please read:

Renewed Hope for Mental Healthhttp://vitalitymagazine.com/article/renewed-hope-for-mental-health/ by Helke Ferrie, which details the ground breaking work of Dr. Abraham Hoffer, M.D., a psychiatrist who pioneered the use of supplements and nutritional therapies for the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

” The October 2005 issue of the Journal of Traumatic Stress was devoted to research articles focusing on the now increasingly undeniable fact that most psychiatric disorders (not induced by physical injury) are caused primarily by emotional trauma. The mythic “chemical imbalance,” which automatically was assumed to be a Prozac deficiency, is evaporating for lack of evidence.

What do these four news items have in common? The truth that feeding the brain garbage — toxic or dead food, or toxic and deadly experiences — is the cause of mental illness in all its many forms including faulty brain development, cognitive deficits, Down’s Syndrome, depression, and schizophrenia.

PloS, founded by thousands of US medical students and Nobel laureate Harold Varmus in 2004, was created in protest against the corruption pervading medical publications; PloS accepts no advertising, only publishes research free from all connections to the pharmaceutical industry, and is freely available on-line.

Even the ultimate sacred cow of standard psychiatry, the famous serotonin theory of depression, has expired. The new journal PloS Medicine (Public Library of Science Medicine –http://medicine.plosjournals.org) published an article in their December 2005 issue entitled “Serotonin and Depression: A Disconnect between the Advertisements and the Scientific Literature.”

Reviewing research since the 1960s when this hypothesis was first suggested, the authors conclude that the $3 billion (US) antidepressant market, claiming this hypothesis as scientific justification for its existence, is based on nothing at all; they observe that “contemporary neuroscience research has failed to confirm any serotonergic lesion in any mental disorder and has in fact provided significant counterevidence to the explanation of a simple neurotransmitter deficiency.” They conclude: “The incongruence between the scientific literature and the claims made by SSRI [anti-depressant drugs] advertisements is remarkable, and possibly unparalleled.”

Dr. Abraham Hoffer inspired me to look for alternative answers for mental illness. We are indeed fortunate that the NDP government of Saskatchewan encouraged this ground-breaking psychiatrist and biochemist to successfully treat his patients using large quantities of vitamins and mineral supplements, instead of the previous, unsuccessful electroshock and brain surgeries.

His Adventures in Psychiatry will always remain a classic, in my eyes.

What changed in the last 40 years? The discovery of Lithium based medications encouraged drug companies to bring in newer, more expensive and highly dangerous psychopharmacological drugs to a population that was convinced that pills would make them ‘feel better’. The FDA rubber stamped approval based on drug company assurances they were ‘safe’, even though their trials were incomplete, flawed, and short term.

For a list of the harmful drugs and their side effects, see here:  http://www.sntp.net/drugs/drugs.htm  (link no longer works, sorry, but you can search psychotropic medications side effects or the articles of Dr. Mercola).

They state: “Psychiatric drugs obtain their result by causing brain dysfunction. And, according to Dr. Peter Breggin of Toxic Psychiatry, those on medication have a greater incidence of suicide or suddenly snapping and committing a horrible crime. I myself have lost or nearly lost loved ones to suicide after starting on anti-depressants.

Then please, read “Anatomy Of An Epidemic~Magic bullets, psychiatric drugs, and the astonishing rise of mental illness in America by Robert Whitaker which asks the question why has the number of disabled mentally ill in the United States tripled over the last two decades? He doesn’t quite have an answer, but suggests that the medical establishment is not interested in an answer, just wedded to expensive ‘solutions’ and suppressing, other, more humane methods of treatment. Sometimes, all we need is someone to listen to us.
If I were to say what are the physiological causes of mental illness, the answer would be:

  • Vaccines, and the ensuing genetic damage.
  • Micro-brain tumors.
  • The overload of environmental toxins from our chemicalized society.
  • Aspartame and Fluoride taken internally.
  • Nutritional imbalances and poor diet.
  • Auto-immune factors.
  • Prior recreational or pharmaceutical drug use.
  • An unresolved psychological trauma, abuse, or isolation.
  • Brain injury.

But the real answer is that mental illness has not only a physical cause, but also, an emotional, and, a spiritual cause. And the treatment cannot completely work if it does not incorporate and balance all three energies.

Sadly, we are so wedded to the rational material world that we can never see that.
When my son was diagnosed with Autism we were able to help him recover with intensive therapy, a strict diet, and two substances which can, taken in combination, help reverse brain damage (more on this below). But what made the difference was the healing work, and not just the other things.

Nor will we ever cure mental illness till we heal the psychosis that pervades this planet, and get rid of the warmongers, polluters, and thieves that plague us.

But, till then, try to live as natural a life as possible. Give the time to listen to someone in pain. Find a spiritual path that can help you find peace.

So far I have treated over 400 Autistic children, most of whom have gotten significantly better, and some, recovered fully. And not just Autism, I have treated many more people with other illnesses. I had a free clinic for many years in Toronto, and I have traveled the world and treated patients privately. I gave the research to other doctors, but they did not carry it as far as I would have liked. Me, I had to come back to my spiritual work, and now I’m retired, would like to share this insight with you.

Psychiatry, as it is shaped today, does not work. It needs to find natural substances, and not chemical ones. Psychology can help, but it’s a lengthy process. Still, treating our lost souls with love and kindness does help! If I were to open another clinic, it would be in nature, with clean air and away from the deadness of a city, and it would include, spiritual healing. My goal is to keep teaching the healers.

Till then, here is what you can do. Dr. Hoffer successfully treated Schizophrenics with Vitamin B. Look up an ortho-molecular or homoeopathic physician. Research in Brazil shows that Vitamin E helped increase the IQ of Down Syndrome children. Well, Dr. Charlton Fredericks proved the brain repairing power of Octacosanol which is the active ingredient in Vitamin E, and Russian scientists have had remarkable results with DMG. It was my discovery, that the two substances, taken together, Octacosanol and DMG, could reverse brain damage. Literally, children began to speak!

And that was confirmed by Autism researcher the late Dr. Bernard Rimland and clinics in Korea and Japan, when they replicated the results. It works by increasing the oxygenation and brain circulation, and improving the immune system. Why is this not widely known? Actually, I was written up in Super Memory-The Revolution, but there still was way too much resistance to anything new, alternative, and not covered by a patent.

My younger daughter was classified as a ‘slow learner’. Now she started taking the two substances, she gets A’s and B’s. A friend in England, her daughter has improved at Maths. And many more stories like that.

But if your illness is deeper than that, you need to find a way to that peace. Let me know if there is any way I can help.


Naseer Ahmad

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The Children Of Atlan


This is the story of a family of Atlan called the Ameides. They reincarnate throughout history.

From the manuscript, The Children of Atlan I’ve been working on since 1975. It’s a sequel to Man From Atlan.

“There is a prophecy that exists in every culture and every age. During a time of great need, someone will appear as a herald of change: A teacher, a king, a prophet”

“But what of the people who make that possible? The student disciples, the warriors, the followers? What about the artists, musicians, philosophers, alchemists, magician/scientists; the revolutionaries, to stir things up? This is their story, as they return to earth once again”

I was in Spirit: And there, you meet the ones whom you will know. You choose your future and the circumstances of your birth; you accept your karma, which is the course of your action in this life, and the future. You see the karma of the planets where you will be born, Aergon and Atlan. And you see the karma of those whom you will come to love. You all have freedom of choice and will. But what of the choices made in spirit?

Time of Atlan: The teacher taught his students, then he went away. Then, the war between the planets, the destruction and the rebuilding: Andron, Chief Scientist of Atlan. Aeflan, the High Priestess. Gabriel, their child. Septros, the High Priest. Arielle, daughter of Septros and Aeflan, half-sister of Gabriel, lover of knowledge. Gaea, in line of succession to High Priestess. Aphrodite, patron of the arts, beauty and love. Rahwin the warrior and revolutionary. They will return many times in this story.

Birth of the Gods: The war between the planets and the male and female energies repeated here on Earth, as Atlantis and Lemuria destroy each other, with magic. The survivors set themselves up as the gods and goddesses of Sumer, Persia, Egypt, Greece, India and America. Zeus, Isis, Rah, Hera, Kali, Yahweh, Allah are capricious and must be feared. Obey me and I will love you. Disobey and I will punish you. Resistance and rebellion grows within the human spirit.

The Prophets Speak: We are the messengers. We are the men and women who speak with God. And even though the original words had been lost, with our visions we will bring about the religions of the world. Andron became Abraham, And Septros, Moses and Muhammad. And there was Akhenaten and Mary and Mary Magdalene and Miriam the sister of Moses, who asked, “does God only speak through you?” and Ayesha, the prophet Muhammad’s wife, quarrelled with his daughter Fatima over who would succeed him.

A line of Kings and Queens: We are the rulers of the world, anointed by God. We are the guides and leaders of humanity. Arthur and Guinevere, Alexander, David and Solomon, Nefertiti, Hiawatha, Cleopatra.

Race of Warriors: We serve and are the defenders of the poor and weak. “If you are capable of trembling with indignation each time an injustice is committed in the world, then we are comrades, and that is more important”~ ‘Che’ Guevara ~ and Arjuna, and Jeanne D’Arc.

The Art of Magic: Words have energy. Music has energy. Magic, Art, Science, Alchemy. Merlin and Vivian, Morgan Le Fay. Bach, Pythagoras, Newton. Dunnett, Hafez, Shakespeare, Sappho. Da Vinci, Michelangelo. Hermes.

Lord of the Morning: I am the bringer of the dawn; the healer of the earth; lord of the morning. I am Krishna, and there has not been an age in which I did not incarnate.

This is above all a story about remembered lives. You, too, have been here before. Will you be the visionary, the prophet, the seer, the warrior, the artist? Did you walk on Atlantis, fly through the stars?

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America Spirituality


I wrote this March 20, 2011 on my blog. Updated to take into account the future yet to come.

First, acknowledge the wrongs

Yesterday, March 19, was the 8th anniversary of the war in Iraq. It also was the day of the supermoon, when the moon is closest to earth and coincides with a full moon. This rare event signifies great human change, and yes, it was interesting to see all that energy flow by. And yesterday, America went to war with Libya, another great historical wrong.

I have written a lot already about “This Stupid, Stupid, War” http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2009/10/this-stupid-stupid-war.html and earlier, about a prophecy I made in 1977, entitled “War” http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2007/12/war-this-is-final-chapter-of-my-book.html I’ve written many times about my hope for peace but recognizing that peace can only come from inside us. But this article is about the change that must take place in America.

I have always been drawn to and studied the spiritual destiny of America. It was destined for greatness but so far has only been rich and powerful, and never, great. Without acknowledging and changing the wrongs of its past, it will never be great.

  1. The Destruction of the Native Peoples.
  2. The Institution of Slavery
  3. Its dreams of Empire, and ruthless wars on anyone that resisted it.

So here we are; a place I had hoped would be like Atlan, a unifying force under the Way of Atlan but, becoming more like Atlantis, an empire that sank under the weight of its sins.

I have been drawn many times to America, in this life, and in past ones. But each time, I have had to leave, because it must first change.

When we left Japan in 1957 my father was scheduled to be posted to the Washington D.C. Embassy but, his friend the ambassador died. We could have gone to the U.S. in 1970 but came to Canada instead. I could have been a published author in New York in 1975; I chose to move to England, and that journey has been written about extensively in these pages. Others came to America to set up Ashrams and Sufi Centers and New Age groups; I, didn’t.

Then I did travel to the U.S., 11 extensive spiritual journeys from 1990 on, to help people: http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2007/12/spiritual-journey-to-u.html and then, when it became apparent that certain events would take place regardless, I left, but still, sent a disciple, Jennifer, to N.Y to help: http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2007/12/christ-sent-his-disciple-to-new-york.html and here: http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2007/12/christ-sent-his-disciple-to-new-york_11.html

But, that was it. My focus went world wide, and I travelled again and again to other places, and helped others, in person and spiritually. And I watched America from afar, with love for my friends, but also, seeing how difficult it would be.

Then I saw the nomination of Barack Obama and the excitement that swept the country “Barack’s The One” http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2008/03/baracks-one.html and again, “And Now What” http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2008/11/and-now-what.html where I looked at the marvelous coincidence of my cousin rooming with him in college, and here again I had to temper my personal regard for him with the knowledge of the political and economic system that might prevent him from enacting real change, and reminding people they couldn’t just depend on him alone, they had to change.

I had already written about the impending breakdown of government and financial structures in January 2008 http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2008/01/revolution-begins-now.html and how religious structures had already broken down. And what I said came to pass. But even before that, in December 2007, I wrote the following: http://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2007/12/time-for-spiritual-revolution-today.html

“The answer is not going to come from politics. I warned in my previous newsletter that regardless of who won the U.S. election, the world would not be a better place. (Happened again)I personally knew that Bush would win because Kerry would lose, a significant distinction, and that people would be depressed afterwards.

Well, get over it. The solution will not come from Greenpeace or the Greens or anti-globalists or the left wing dinosaurs that put all their faith in Band-Aid ‘left-wing’ solutions or religious fanatics who are tools of the new global order. The solution will not come from the use of violence. That’s their weapon.

Nor will it come from organised religion, which is decrepit and obsolete. I’m not talking about its ability to inspire people and raise their consciousness, but the structure, which is corrupt to its core.

The solution will not come from New Age self-absorption or the Internet or writing a book (I’m a writer myself) or praying to God, Mother Earth or Angels. The solution will come from you, but I’m not prescribing a truistic bromide.

There is one movement in the world now and that isn’t the anti-war movement, noble as that is. (There just isn’t the same energy left for a repeat of the anti-Vietnam War or anti-apartheid movement, and you have governments that are a lot more repressive now)

The movement in waiting is the passionate search for completion, and spirituality, of finding out who we are and our relationship to God, of becoming so strong that nothing they throw at us is going to defeat us. I am talking about a spiritual revolution, where no pain is felt that cannot be borne, and no happiness can be taken away from us because it already exists inside us. I am talking about magic, love, and the joy we take in every day without realising it.

Did you not pray, and ask for help?”

And if you ever need help, you can contact me from my profile page on the right. And if you want to help, ditto.

But again, I say this. It is time for a new American Spiritual Movement.

And so now, once again, there are calls for intervention, hatred for the refugees caused by your own blindness, two horrible presidential candidates marred by greed and stupidity. No matter who wins, things will only get worse. Millions marched around the world against war in 2002. Now, they tweet. Thousands die in storms, and you can’t change. Now, you will be forced to.

Americans can be very good. They can become great.

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Flowers Change Spring




Flowers Change Spring

One cannot change world /Thought uninvited  dreams/Flowers change in spring.

Million butterflies/Create breeze sweep across sky/A plane, flying by
It is the sunset/Of our shared humanity/Or dawn, flowers change spring.
~Naseer Ahmad
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Journeys With Spirit


(From a blog published in 2008)
I have long wondered about the journey a spirit makes when it leaves the body and moves on to the higher realm, and other dimensions. I also ask when and how we can reach the state of grace oft promised and written about by all the religions. The Divine Light, when seen or felt, by one person, or an entire people.

Recently a friend’s mother passed away. He said “no one really knows what happens to us when we die”. I wished I could show him the certainty that even my children have, that spirits pass on to another life, and the journey in between lives is as fascinating, and beautiful, as the one we go through in life.

I look at you, and see three bodies. The Physical, which exists in the material world. The Soul, which is the sum total of all your experiences in this, and all previous and potential future lives, and exists in the realm of emotion. The Spirit, our inner self which exists beyond all that and yet, bound to the other bodies. I see the energies and entities that attach to those bodies and prevent us from making that spiritual journey. And the greatest longing, whether recognised or not, is the Journey to God.

So I see how you all have spirits that long to go beyond to reach the Divine Light. That the spirits of the living, and those that have passed on, and those waiting to be born, all come for Healing..

I teach this: How to heal your selves, how to heal others. The chakras are a map of our spiritual journey from Creation to our return to God. From Nothingness to Nothingness, actually. Not the White Light or Blissful Eternal Joy, but, the nothingness of the Void. In aiming for bliss, we shortchange ourselves. We aim for spiritual enlightenment without understanding karma, when really, we must all go through the process of birth and rebirth.

When we meditate, the spirit leaves the body, but not far. When we have a ‘spiritual’ event, that quite often is a kundalini zap masquerading as such, with all due respect to what is after all a deeply personal experience. But, an event that changes your life, which always remains with you, where for a moment you are no longer in your body but truly out of it, that is a spiritual experience. That is the starting point of the journey, and not the end. The end is when we become one with God, and that is a journey that every soul, every spirit, every body makes. In the end, we all return to God, and I would like to show you the Way.

First, we need to ask where spirits dwell. When my brother died I suppressed my grief and it was only when I learned to contact his spirit that I could finally let go. First with a Ouija board, then, realising one didn’t need them: the ability exists within all of us. Some, when they realise this gift, run into the brick wall of their own fear of letting go. Some are drawn by the seduction of these powers and drift into mania. I leaped into that swift river, which takes you know not where, and knew this was home.

So, when we die we pass on into spirit, and one only needs to learn how to communicate with them. I have had many spirit friends. They exist on another plane altogether and we need to understand their experience if we are to evolve ourselves. They come to a place where they see all their past lives, the choices and karma. They choose when to be born again, and to whom. They chose the circumstances of their new lives, they are born.. and then they forget all they have learned, and start over again.

The people of Atlan had the spiritual ability to remember past lives. It was a spiritual training that began in childhood, and went on for the rest of their life. I don’t tell people who they were in a previous life, but if, in the process of learning about Spirit they remembered, that would be good. The ability must be learned again, yes, but first there must be many tests before you can safely make this journey, for the journey is the exact same journey we make when we die.

So I had many spirit friends, who came for healing, but in the process they taught me much. The occultist and magician “Cheiro” suggested I study Palmistry which led to Astrology which led to Psychism. So I first had a childhood where I saw spirits, before I developed my Psychism. This is the reverse of what usually happpens, since Psychism, which is a form of emotional sensitivity, usually develops first. There was Mary, the mother of Jesus. I knew her as Aeflan, a student of mine in one life, my mother and teacher in another.. The writers George Elliot and George Sand encouraged me to write. Andron of Atlan, and many more friends from other lives came to see me…

Spirits cannot tell you the future, because that would take away your own power, and free will. We can chose whther to listen or not. Yet how many times did I hear a dear friend tell me, wait a moment, take the road less travelled, make a leap of faith. And I would do that, and learn from whatever happened, and grow.

There are many obstacles to our journeys with spirit, but when we face our fears, they are gone. There are many stages to the journey. The first step is Knowledge, where we see the choices we have made and the choices we must make. The next step is to see how much we really are loved by God, and are surrounded by that love. And the last step is to surrender, and become one with God. These are steps taken, outside of religion which only emphasises punishment, into the peace which the true understanding of God brings to you. These are stages that occur whether the spiritual journey is taken when you die, or while you are alive. These are the stages that lead to grace within our selves.

The Divine Light exists within each of you.

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Adventures In Healing


(from March 12, 2014)

I don’t heal, I help


We just had another major snow storm; two buildings blew up in NYC; a Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 has gone down and debris has now been found close to its flight path. It looks like almost 300 people have died, RIP. I look at the number of people I have got involved with over the years, trying to help, and ask, why do people make the same mistakes, over and over? And yet, when I help people, life is felt so keenly, the adventure never stronger than at any time else. And yes, I make people nervous, because healing, and getting better, is never an easy path.

It has been a rough winter, and this is just one sign of the many imbalances in society. Russia has finally got fed up with the psychopathic behavior of the US and its EU allies, and established an autonomous republic in Crimea. By next month, the crisis will have gotten worse, not just in politics but in people’s lives, as two planets of the unexpected, AND a solar eclipse by the end of April, remind us how much we need to change, but do not. Again, so be it.

We had a huge storm in February. I got the urge to go to a store some distance away, which didn’t make sense, given the conditions. As I trudged back to the subway I came across an old woman, collapsed in the snow. I helped her get up, (she refused to let me call an ambulance) walked with her shopping bags to the subway, and had to stop as she clearly was unable to move more than a few meters without pausing to get her strength.

She wanted to let me go on, but I insisted on staying with her to her train, and destination. In the car, I offered healing; and held her hands, placed mine on various parts of body, mostly feeling the peace wash all over us. The crowded car watched us; a pin drop silence.

She told me she’d been to all the specialists and even alternative practitioners, but no one could find out what was wrong, they told her that her heart and circulation was just fine. Still, she had no strength, and could barely move. Also unable to gain weight. She’d tried vegetarianism, didn’t suit her.

When you hold a person’s hands, you pick up their vibrations and energies. I felt her problem was neuropathic in origin, as well as auto immune. The muscle control and strength just wasn’t there. By the time we got to her station, she was fine. Strong enough to take up her bags and leave. She said she hadn’t felt this way in decades (she’s almost 80)

This is why I turned away from conventional medicine. It doesn’t have the answers to the riddle of illness, which I believe always has physical, emotional and spiritual causes. Therefore, to expand the boundaries of medicine, I take up healing.

Gave her my card, in case she wanted to follow up. When she read it, said she’d called a month before, didn’t follow up, but, that day felt compelled to go to the same health food store I was going to. Coincidence? Both of us were meant to meet.

When I told my wife about her, she asked her name, and said, oh my goodness, I know her, we’ve met many times at the store. Another coincidence.

She came by again, and now has regained her strength. When she met my wife recently, she told her how much better she is. She’s exercising now!

Funny, that. There are some people I never will be able to help, and a few, that no matter what, we are meant to meet.

Aside from my spiritual background and claims, the fact still is I wish to share this knowledge with others, that I do not heal people, but, I help them to help themselves. This the true adventure of healing, that one does not know the outcome of what will happen to this planet or its people, but, by having faith, and no fear, they can be helped.

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The Tao Of Trees

Tree Haiku I

Our lives are like trees

We ebb and flow day and night

Blowing with the breeze.

Tree Haiku II

Be a growing tree

Reaching the brilliant sky
Because we are, try.
Trees Haiku III
Sunlight shining down

Tree Of Life sustaining us
We are heaven, ground.
#Haiku #Tao
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A Personal History Of India And Pakistan

India Pakistan flag

As it’s coming up to midnight of August 14, the anniversary of Pakistan and India’s Independence in 1947, I’m re-blogging this article “A personal history of India and Pakistan” I first posted December 31, 2007.


I wrote the following in my December 21, 2007 article The End Of The World:

“this coming full moon, on the 23rd-24th, is an especially powerful one. with planetary aspects shifting from the Sun and Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, the Galactic Center, and the solstice. Expect some dramatic shift, on the planet or within yourself between now and the end of the year. Be careful to avoid disaster. Embrace the lessons you must learn”.

This message was addressed to every person in the world, and came after a healing meditation I did on December 16. I warned you many times, I bring great change, and there will be more to come.

On December 27, ex-Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto was assassinated as she campaigned for another term in office. Incidentally she was killed in the same park where a previous PM, Liaqat Ali Khan, was assassinated in 1951. That she was a brave human being I acknowledge; that she was part of a corrupt society and elite which routinely oppressed and killed others I know. It even appears that she had her own brother killed, as a threat to her power when PM, and in the end she reaped her own karma. Incidentally, she went to school with my brother, and I was talking about her just a month ago. My message was to her as well, but now, she, like us all, must embrace the lesson we must learn in the year to come.

Still, since Pakistan is in the news now, a personal history is called for.

India has always been a crossroads of traders, invaders, and civilizations. The original inhabitants were Dravidian animists, who worshipped nature and the spirits dwelling within it. Later Babylonian Sumerian Egyptian influences can be found in the ruins of the cities of Moenjodaro and Harappa, which existed in the Indus valley around 3000 B.C. Aryan invaders destroyed the civilizations around 1550 B.C. and pushed the darker skinned Dravidians further south.

Hinduism and Buddhism became the religions of India, then the Islamic invasions of the early 8th century A.D. added a third to the mix. Successive waves of Muslim invaders took over most of the country, and while they assimilated themselves into the Indian culture they were, because of their military superiority and appeal to marginalised Hindus, a very strong influence in Indian history. Much of the animosity between Hindus and Muslims stems from this thousand- year period of Muslim dominance.

My parents were Indian Muslims, mom’s family from Hyderabad Deccan, and dad from Uttar Pradesh in the mountains of Northern India. My family has a tradition of physicians on the one side and Sufi Muslim saints on the other. I am a Syed, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, but from my earliest memory I was never a Muslim, my belief systems ran more towards Buddhist and Hindu Philosophy. Yet, if there is a Muslim that appeals to me it would be Dara Shikoh, the Mughal prince that should have been Emperor, who sought the common aspects of all the religions of the world, and Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani, the Sufi mystic who was my ancestor. I will write more about Islam later, but this is about the people of India and Pakistan, and their shared history and karma.

When the Indian subcontinent was divided in 1947 between Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan, my parents were forced to move to Pakistan. Several hundred thousand people on both sides were killed in communal violence. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan, but my roots lie in India. So I love both countries, and don’t see any conflict in that.

When India was partitioned the agreement was that areas under direct British control were to be divided on the basis of religion, so Muslim areas would go to Pakistan, Hindu areas to India, and the semi-independent princely states were to hold elections to decide which way the people wanted to go. West and East Pakistan was formed earlier, but there were three states that could go either way. Hyderabad and Junagadh, with Muslim rulers but a Hindu majority population, were annexed right away by India but the Hindu ruler of Kashmir, with a majority Muslim population, delayed holding a vote. When tribal soldiers under Pakistani control invaded Kashmir, the Maharajah ceded the state to India. The two countries went to war and the United Nations had to force a ceasefire in 1949, with both sides promising to hold a plebiscite to allow the people to decide their future. To date that hasn’t happened. Here’s a background on that:


The people of Kashmir, if given a choice, would rather have their own state, but it’s unlikely that either India or Pakistan would allow that to happen.

The sources of many of India and Pakistan’s rivers are in Kashmir, and if India were to allow Kashmir to leave the Union, the Punjab’s Sikhs would likely be next, and India has already fought a dirty war to keep the Sikhs within the fold.

India and Pakistan have fought 4 wars so far, in 1947-1949, 1965, 1971 and 1999. This time around, both sides have the Bomb, so are unlikely to use it, as it would finish the Central Asian Oil pipeline project. It would also destabilise the region. The chances of another conventional war is still there, so watch for developments over the next few days.

My father was a diplomat, so I grew up in England and Japan. Even learned Japanese, now forgotten, alas. I had no feeling of belonging to any one religion , so instead choose a more universal Buddhist-Hindu philosophy and personal spiritual belief system that draw heavily on the secret history of the original races of humanity.

When dad’s posting to America fell through we returned to Pakistan where I finished University. Most of my family was in the military, so I went to Air Force school but failed the medical exam to join the Air Force. Another door opened, and while I went to Canada in 1970, many of my friends on both sides of the border fought (and died) in the 1971 war.

If left alone, the people of India and Pakistan would be at peace. They have the same root culture, but are divided by religion and a thousand years of divisive politics. Wherever I go, I have a common bond with Indians, Pakistanis, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. Many of the thinking people would choose to live together in peace and work together to solve the common problems of the subcontinent. There is a quiet anti-war movement on both sides of the border, but jingoistic politicians, single-minded military men, and religious leaders drown their voices out. Both sides have worked to destabilise the other country, with assassinations, sabotage and atrocities committed by so-called terrorists.

There has to be a solution to the Kashmiri conflict. The Kashmiris had self-rule until 1989, when a heavy-handed federal Indian government took over the state government of Farooq Abdullah. India has committed gross human rights violations as documented by Amnesty and Human Rights International. Over 50,000 Kashmiris have been killed. Guerrillas operating from the Pakistani side have also committed atrocities. Only International mediation would solve it, but International interests ARE at play here, so let’s keep the world (and India and Pakistan) in a permanent state of weakness.

Pakistan used to be a pretty tolerable state when I lived there. No longer; it got involved in Afghanistan and has descended into violence and drugs. It is incredibly corrupt and run by a military cabal. The civilian ‘democratic’ institutions are worse, if that were possible. India looks down with smugness at its enemy’s problems, while the forces of globalisation eat away at its own very fabric and culture, destroys its small scale agriculture and creates an ecological disaster. Both sides are held together by the karma of their joint birth.

If left alone, both sides could eventually solve their problems, but are stuck in a state of mutual hostility and paranoid distrust. I can’t change that, the people who belong there will have to wake up and work for it.

This is the problem: Neither side is in a true state of spirituality. Ironic, considering the numbers of fake gurus and teachers inundating the West. The two countries where so many great religions flourished is possessed by the illness of the world, the pursuit of money and power. Neither side can act in good faith. The extremely rich and snobbish elites that could make a difference, couldn’t be bothered. The rest are stuck in a fatalistic philosophy of karma=kismet. This will only change if they choose to follow me. And if not, whatever must happen, will, and the lives of the rich and powerful will be as dust.

I, who once was Krishna, the Christ who sought refuge in India; the Mahdi and hidden Imam who will heal Islam cannot return to the country of my birth until the people are ready.

My work is in North America, because I believe that the solutions to the problems of the world will come from here.

Anyhow, enjoy. I wish both countries well, because a part of me will always remain there.

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