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From The Skies Will Come A Powerful And Alarming King

You begin a new cycle every 9 years. I started my website Man From Atlan 18 years ago. Published my first book Man From Atlan 27 years ago. Here, I’m starting a thread of 275+ articles on spirituality, prophecy, and observations on the human condition … Continue reading

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President Trump

He’s the president of the U.S.   I very nearly emigrated from Pakistan to the U.S. in 1970. I’d have joined the army immediately and knew I’d be sent to Vietnam, which was fine with me. Instead, my family and I … Continue reading

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An Astrological Analysis Of The Trump Presidency

It was predictable   December 19, 2016: the Electoral College cast their votes to confirm Donald Trump as the president elect of the United States. It was a surprise to many, not I. I’d already predicted the outcome. (See my previous article What just … Continue reading

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Ravens Return

“When people become spiritual again, the White Ravens will return” ~ I was reminded of the lines from Yeats The Death of Cuchulain “There floats out there The shape that I shall take when I am dead, My soul’s first … Continue reading

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