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I wrote this March 20, 2011 on my blog. Updated to take into account the future yet to come.

First, acknowledge the wrongs

Yesterday, March 19, was the 8th anniversary of the war in Iraq. It also was the day of the supermoon, when the moon is closest to earth and coincides with a full moon. This rare event signifies great human change, and yes, it was interesting to see all that energy flow by. And yesterday, America went to war with Libya, another great historical wrong.

I have written a lot already about “This Stupid, Stupid, War” and earlier, about a prophecy I made in 1977, entitled “War” I’ve written many times about my hope for peace but recognizing that peace can only come from inside us. But this article is about the change that must take place in America.

I have always been drawn to and studied the spiritual destiny of America. It was destined for greatness but so far has only been rich and powerful, and never, great. Without acknowledging and changing the wrongs of its past, it will never be great.

  1. The Destruction of the Native Peoples.
  2. The Institution of Slavery
  3. Its dreams of Empire, and ruthless wars on anyone that resisted it.

So here we are; a place I had hoped would be like Atlan, a unifying force under the Way of Atlan but, becoming more like Atlantis, an empire that sank under the weight of its sins.

I have been drawn many times to America, in this life, and in past ones. But each time, I have had to leave, because it must first change.

When we left Japan in 1957 my father was scheduled to be posted to the Washington D.C. Embassy but, his friend the ambassador died. We could have gone to the U.S. in 1970 but came to Canada instead. I could have been a published author in New York in 1975; I chose to move to England, and that journey has been written about extensively in these pages. Others came to America to set up Ashrams and Sufi Centers and New Age groups; I, didn’t.

Then I did travel to the U.S., 11 extensive spiritual journeys from 1990 on, to help people: and then, when it became apparent that certain events would take place regardless, I left, but still, sent a disciple, Jennifer, to N.Y to help: and here:

But, that was it. My focus went world wide, and I travelled again and again to other places, and helped others, in person and spiritually. And I watched America from afar, with love for my friends, but also, seeing how difficult it would be.

Then I saw the nomination of Barack Obama and the excitement that swept the country “Barack’s The One” and again, “And Now What” where I looked at the marvelous coincidence of my cousin rooming with him in college, and here again I had to temper my personal regard for him with the knowledge of the political and economic system that might prevent him from enacting real change, and reminding people they couldn’t just depend on him alone, they had to change.

I had already written about the impending breakdown of government and financial structures in January 2008 and how religious structures had already broken down. And what I said came to pass. But even before that, in December 2007, I wrote the following:

“The answer is not going to come from politics. I warned in my previous newsletter that regardless of who won the U.S. election, the world would not be a better place. (Happened again)I personally knew that Bush would win because Kerry would lose, a significant distinction, and that people would be depressed afterwards.

Well, get over it. The solution will not come from Greenpeace or the Greens or anti-globalists or the left wing dinosaurs that put all their faith in Band-Aid ‘left-wing’ solutions or religious fanatics who are tools of the new global order. The solution will not come from the use of violence. That’s their weapon.

Nor will it come from organised religion, which is decrepit and obsolete. I’m not talking about its ability to inspire people and raise their consciousness, but the structure, which is corrupt to its core.

The solution will not come from New Age self-absorption or the Internet or writing a book (I’m a writer myself) or praying to God, Mother Earth or Angels. The solution will come from you, but I’m not prescribing a truistic bromide.

There is one movement in the world now and that isn’t the anti-war movement, noble as that is. (There just isn’t the same energy left for a repeat of the anti-Vietnam War or anti-apartheid movement, and you have governments that are a lot more repressive now)

The movement in waiting is the passionate search for completion, and spirituality, of finding out who we are and our relationship to God, of becoming so strong that nothing they throw at us is going to defeat us. I am talking about a spiritual revolution, where no pain is felt that cannot be borne, and no happiness can be taken away from us because it already exists inside us. I am talking about magic, love, and the joy we take in every day without realising it.

Did you not pray, and ask for help?”

And if you ever need help, you can contact me from my profile page on the right. And if you want to help, ditto.

But again, I say this. It is time for a new American Spiritual Movement.

And so now, once again, there are calls for intervention, hatred for the refugees caused by your own blindness, two horrible presidential candidates marred by greed and stupidity. No matter who wins, things will only get worse. Millions marched around the world against war in 2002. Now, they tweet. Thousands die in storms, and you can’t change. Now, you will be forced to.

Americans can be very good. They can become great.

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