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Acts Of Kindness

It was a rough year As we come to the last day of a very rough year, here’s a very special message. I picked up a book at the library today, and there was a book.. Its title: Lucknow Ransom, Glen … Continue reading

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An Astrological Analysis Of The Trump Presidency

It was predictable   December 19, 2016: the Electoral College cast their votes to confirm Donald Trump as the president elect of the United States. It was a surprise to many, not I. I’d already predicted the outcome. (See my previous article What just … Continue reading

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A Fiery Message

Gatlinburg, U.S., November 2016 Israel, November 2016 Israel Wildfires: 50,000 Evacuated As Bushfires Hit Haifa On November 22, 2016, a wave of wildfires spread across Israel and areas of Palestine. Cutting off the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway then spreading to Haifa, … Continue reading

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