#Magick, and the Spiritual #Alchemy of the Soul


First published as Magick, And The Spiritual Alchemy Of The Soul   April 08, 2011

First, let go of the ego

And now we come to the lesson in Magick. The question: how do we change things? Yes, there is imbalance, and war in the worlds. Yes, we are coming to an ending. Yes, we carry deep pain within ourselves, and each of us has to struggle with that every day. Yes, we feel helpless and wish we knew how to change. The answer lies in Magick, and The Spiritual Alchemy Of The Soul.

Prayer helps. Meditation helps. Even if we don’t always get what we wish, or how, or when, sometimes what we get is better, and sometimes, miracles happen. But first, and always, we must change ourselves. First, we must let go of Ego.

In healing, I see the solar plexus chakra, which colour is yellow, as the seat of the Soul, the storehouse of our accumulated memories from all our lives, and, the way in which we see and validate ourselves, which is the ego. But often that is coloured by the things we want. So, funnily enough, as you’ll see, what we want is Gold. And funnily, this is the misconception about alchemy, that it was pre-occupied with the transmutation of lead to gold. No, it relates to the alchemy of the soul, to raise it from ego based pursuit to the spiritual (though, again, the ancient scientists did know how to change the elements and create unlimited energy)

Yes, we can create peace through our relationships, our children; by living in a place that is healing to us. Even, by enjoying the fruits of our honest efforts. There is nothing wrong with wanting things.

But then you see the next step of our evolutionary progress is to enter the area of the heart, and the colour Green. Here we see not what we want, but what we can give, what we can create.This, too, is part of the alchemy of the soul.

The journey into the spiritual is the same for everyone. As I said in the previous article, first we remove the Psychic blocks that prevent us from evolving, and then, we can leap into the spiritual river that flows across the dimensions.

Yes, we have the ability to affect change, and my intention is to show you how.

First we recharge our batteries. They are the energy centers of the feet, the solar plexus, and the crown of the head, which colours are black, green, and violet, and correspond to the material, psychic, and spiritual centers of our being. When they’ve been depleted we no longer have the energy to change things, and our energies are devoted only to survival.

A change, helps. Going to a place where you recharge yourself, helps, though that is temporary.

Changing yourself, while difficult, helps. Developing your relationship with God helps, though that might be the most difficult journey of all. But once you find that being, then you can never go back to the same place you used to be.

I’ve taught a great deal already, on this site and others, all over the world, and with my students.

I expect to teach more. For now, it is enough to say the spiritual alchemy of the soul requires you to learn Magick.

Remember the story of Alladin and his magic carpet? Yes, there’s a genie in the story, but, it’s all about magick. Beyond the crown chakra, which is the gateway into the spiritual dimensions, there is a chakra I call the magic carpet chakra. Its colours are emerald green, gold, emerald green, gold, emerald green; a five layered chakra. Let your spirit go to that place, and then, anything becomes possible. Invisibility, seeing alternate realities, shifting between dimensions, opening the records of time and your own destiny, levitation, and above all, affecting change, in yourself, or others, or even, in the many universes.

My in-laws have seen a lot of strange things, and I’ve mined their stories, the way I mine my own family, and patients, for educational purposes of course 🙂 So, this is what I tell people to watch out for, to see magick’s many manifestations.


    • Coincidences

    • Strange stuff

    • Objects disappearing (Children and animals do it all the time – read The Dog, Shifted

    • Spontaneous healing and other miracles

    • Spirits and other activity.

    • A protective energy around you

  • Out of body experiences

And Jesus was a magician, and much more, of course. But then, some see magick as simple psychism, of a baser energy, and some see it as a very high spirituality indeed. The soul, having transformed itself, can now, through the combination of the green and yellow chakras, become emerald green/gold. And then, things happen.

There are legitimate concerns about black/white magic and whether the source is God or Devil. As I teach it, we have all those aspects within us and how we use magick is our own choice, but the source is always, God. And there is a protective element within, so that no matter how strong we are, if we misuse those gifts, then sooner or later the Universe will bring all back into balance.

So, talking about my in-laws. He was the one who had the successful heart surgery and the wallet that apparated from within a locked car to a snowbank ahead of where he was walking, and then recently again, while I was writing this article, had to drive a hundred kilometers to retrieve a wallet he thought he’d lost, only to find it sitting on a kitchen counter he’d looked at many times before setting off.

But what really perplexed them was this: my mother in law gave me some money to pay for vitamins. They went home, and a few days later, the same money showed up inside a book in their home many many kilometers away! There was no way they’d placed it there by themselves, since that particular book (a car repair manual) hadn’t been opened in over half a year.

And I have to smile, because here I am writing about magick, and without even trying, magick happens. Then, you let go and move on. This happens all the time; why hold on to it?

We are going to go through the most difficult time in our history. Magick isn’t going to save you, except for what you can do for yourself. Some things are meant to happen, and you know what? It was magick that helped bring it about. That, and the spiritual journey of soul’s end.

Because this is what you need to learn. You work at healing yourself, and, the knowledge within. You learn faith, and trust in God’s love. You go on a spiritual journey.

There is magick everywhere.


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