#911 The Christ sent his Disciple to New York, Part II

Christ Disciple II

Cont’d from Part I)

This is how Jennifer met the Christ. She was in the worst place of her life, so she prayed to God and asked for help. The Christ came into her life, and she recognized him.

He told her that he knew her from before when she walked with Jesus and that she had a lot of karma and pain that needed to be healed; that she must follow her purpose in life, which was spiritual, and she must learn certain lessons.

Jennifer’s lesson was to let go of her ego. She had to follow not what she wanted, but what she had to do to heal herself. Jennifer’s pain came from her lack of love for herself, so she always sought love from others. And, the same question that the priestesses of old had to face: Whether to give up her sacred path for love.

Jennifer had been ill, in a depression so deep that it was a spiritual illness, and he healed her. He promised to help her and her family, and he did. He said in the end everyone must learn to help themselves, but as long as she asked, he would help and teach her.

She was a part-time model and actress. She had always held herself back, but once she started to feel better about herself, she quit her job to model full-time, and became successful at that. She needed to go back to her homeland to reconnect with her daughter. He helped her get there. There was a revolution and a volcanic eruption, but she was ok.

Her father, an artist, was in a slump. He started to paint again. Her stepmother, a gifted psychic and healer, had given up her powers to marry him. She became a disciple, and the Christ taught her to heal again. She claimed to have access to hidden treasure, but he told her to forget about it, it was lost to her. Yet, around his birthday, when she prayed and asked for help, she saw some lottery numbers in a dream. She wrote them down but then she and her husband had a big fight and she forgot to play, when she could have won $13 million. The Christ saw it as a gentle reminder to himself, he could help others, but in the end they had to make changes in their lives, otherwise it would all come to naught.

Jennifer started to break away. She didn’t want to hear this truth, that she had to not look for love, nor was it her path to be a model. Her gift was to heal, and not just any one person, but the whole world. She entered into some self-destructive behaviors and affairs.

Then she went to New York, and it was as though at every step of the way, she was being protected. (See part I).

Jennifer had a job as a waitress in New York. Then when she needed it, she met someone who got her a job as a stripper. She was afraid he wouldn’t approve, but he knew that this was part of her path. She had to heal her own sexuality, and as this was how she would meet those who needed healing, how could he judge her? And he reminded her of his teaching, that one could love one person, or all of humanity.

The more things went her way, the more Jennifer got into her self-destructive patterns. She got pregnant, and then lost the child. She met a man who was so needy that he took away her energy. The Christ warned her not to come back to Canada until her immigration status was settled, or have unprotected sex, alcohol and drugs, because she was being possessed by negative energies.

Then one day her boyfriend shared some weed with her, she had a bad trip, became paranoid, and, leaving her luggage behind, got on a train back to Canada. The INS stopped her at the border, and, knowing she was an illegal immigrant, barred her from ever returning to the U.S.

Jennifer showed up at the Christ’s doorstep, begging for his help. He healed her of her demons again, and sent her back to New York. Suggested she cross the border by car, as she would be stopped at the airport. The moment she left his home, he got a phone call. His friend Israel Shamir, the anti-war Israeli journalist, had just been stopped at the border and barred from entering the U.S. He talked to him and suggested he should also cross the border by car. Jennifer and Israel Shamir safely returned to the U.S. the next day.

The Christ warned Jennifer that she had to stop her self-destructive tendencies, that she would lose everything if she continued in this manner. In his heart he knew that she needed a lot of help, but it would not work unless she changed herself.

Jennifer got pregnant again, and couldn’t stop seeing the man. In the end, the Christ couldn’t resist her silent calls for help, and went to New York to help her. As soon as she saw him, she realized how ill she had been.

He was there for a week. He exorcised her again, and within a week she met two people who badly needed her healing, and who could help her as well. One, a well-connected architect, the other an NBA star. She got out of debt, and started to get her life in order.

And, just before he left, Congress passed a law that allowed her to stay in the U.S. Yet, she still doubted herself.

It was now time for him to move on. He was gathering his disciples to him, and it was time for her to make a choice. She could help him heal the planet, or she could choose to leave. He gave her a time frame to make up her mind and went home.

This is a message to the people of this planet. Before you seek love or peace outside of yourself, first you must have peace and love inside, and for yourself.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2002

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