#September11 The Christ sent his Disciple to New York, Part I

Christ Disciple I

You can read this as a true story, a lesson for you, or perhaps, both.

The Christ sent his disciple to New York. He taught her to heal and do miracles, then told her to go.

She thought it was so she could be an actress and model. Her mother promised to help pay for her rent and lessons. Her modeling friends said wow could we come too? One of them even decided they would go to the Ford Agency together (she knew someone there). She told her daughter she was going to follow her dreams and her daughter understood and said it’s ok mummy, daddy and I will be fine.

When the time came Jennifer (as I will call her) found out that her mother had changed her mind and was no longer going to help. Her sister accused her of abandoning her child. The other model decided she wasn’t ready to go to New York after all. Every one else cheered from the sidelines envious, resentful, and afraid. Don’t go to New York; go to Los Angeles where you can stay with your aunt!

She was afraid, and asked for help. The Christ said, you’re meant to be in New York, and always remember, you’re going as a healer. The modeling and acting is just the way you’re going to meet people.

There was no money for the plane ticket; it showed up at the last moment. Her husband, worried about how he might manage, had a fight with her the day before she left. She hadn’t eaten in days, She felt sick, nervous and unsure of herself.

The INS took one look and detained her. Nervous, she said she was a model. They were convinced she was going to look for work, but somehow let her go. She’d have missed her plane, but it was delayed.

Jennifer wanted to throw up throughout the flight. As soon as she arrived at her hostel she burst into tears and called The Christ, saying she wanted to come home. He said it was up to her; still, when he left home at the age of 11, he had cried too, but was fine the next day. Did she want to give up and live the rest of her life regretting her choice? Wait a day; she would be fine.

The next day, (September 7) she was fine. She only had enough money for a week, but believed it would be all right. A job, any job, would be fine.

Her friend the model called her, saying they should get together and meet some of her friends who would help her get a job. Jennifer refused. She was going to make it by herself. Everywhere she went, looking for a job, they asked for her papers. But she kept her hopes up.

She was at a club, dancing. A man came over and asked her for a date.

A huge storm hit Manhattan the next day, Sept.10. Sitting at her window, looking at the pouring rain, she wasn’t sure she wanted to go out that evening. A streaking bolt of lightning hit her building, right beside her, the flash and thunder as one. This was a sign, of the kind she knew to trust. And as Jennifer left the building, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

That night, dancing with her date, another man came over to talk to her. She decided to leave with him, and went across the river to his home in New Jersey. It was 4 a.m., September 11. She had planned to be out early the next day for a job near the World Trade Center, but was tired and decided to sleep in. As she fell asleep, she heard Aruna, the Christ’s daughter, talking to her, telling her not to be afraid; she would be all right. Aruna was autistic, but here she sounded just like a normal child.

Aruna’s spirit had come to Jennifer because of her love for her.

Jennifer woke up on September 11, to a world that had changed completely.

She couldn’t make it back to her hostel; it didn’t matter, she was welcome to stay in the apartment as long as she liked. She tried to call her family but couldn’t get through. She connected with the Christ, though, and he promised to tell her family that she was all right. He reminded her how he had been in Los Angeles in 1993-1994 to help heal the city during the Malibu fires and Los Angeles earthquake. Now it was her turn. Jennifer realized that she had been protected all along.

Her husband, realizing she was staying with a man, was angry and jealous. Her daughter called her, crying and confused, asking her to come home. Jennifer explained why she had to stay, and helped her understand. She told her husband that she had made a choice, and it was up to him to accept it or not. Her father started to lecture her over the phone. She told him it was her life, and he backed down. She gave herself a date: by September 17, she would have a job. She started work on September 16.

Jennifer now had two lovers. Coincidentally, they were both Arabs. She told them that she liked them both, but wasn’t interested in relationships or putting up with jealousy, otherwise she would move out. They had to accept it, though the first man still wants her to marry him and move to Morocco. The second one simply accepts her, because he no longer has nightmares.

She started to heal, and the healing energy spread from her hands and her body throughout the city. A man saw her as an angel, and cried. The mayor made a statesman like speech (The first in his life) A sidewalk artist wrote, “An eye for an eye leaves every one blind”. And people mourned, and some talked of understanding, and forgiving, and moving on, and smelled flowers in the air around her.

And Jennifer, for the first time in her life, was no longer afraid.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001

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