Battle for the Soul of the #Jewish People

Dome of the Rock

I believe that we all have an individual, a joint (in relationships) a group and a national, karma.

That we have a lesson to learn through our personal actions, our relationships and national affairs is also, a given. Read this article as a battle for spirituality and balance, not blame, but keep in mind, that the choices we make now will determine our future.

This is an article I wrote and posted in 2001.

Battle for the Soul of the Jewish People

In the course of my journey through the U.S. (see ‘A Spiritual Journey through the U.S.’, the following article) I came to meet many Jewish people, just as I had in Canada. I received nothing but kindness and acceptance from them, and a lot of support for my work. They took me, a stranger, and my wife and child, as guests into their homes and we lived with them for the 7 months we were in California.

I was there for the Malibu Fires and the Los Angeles Earthquake of 1994 and helped to heal them and the larger community of Los Angeles. They knew I believed in myself as the Christ, didn’t know what to make of it, but, as one of them said, ” I don’t know one way or the other, but what I do know is that whenever I’m with you I feel closer to God than I ever have before.” Another, more conflicted member of Jewish Renewal, asked, “If that is true, where does that leave me and my faith?”

When I returned to Los Angeles in March of 2001, things had changed. They had withdrawn more into themselves, and not ready to go further. The second Palestinian Intifada and their own karmic consequences had caused them to become more inward looking, more defensive. A proud mother told me how her son had joined the IDF and this made me sad; the young man who sat with me in synagogue was now one of the oppressors.

Another, a dear friend, when I talked about human rights, said, “well, every group throughout history has done things like this”. My reply was, “I am in a battle for the soul of the Jewish People”. This article is written, in love, for my Jewish friends.


What’s your experience of reincarnation? I believe that thousands of years ago there existed a culture of powerful female magicians and sexual healers called the priestesses. They worked with the land and the people that they loved very dearly, and they lived in the areas around the Mediterranean Sea and Babylon. They were the priestesses of Isis/Astarte/Ishtar.

Later waves of invaders destroyed their culture (who were the Hebrews? Another interesting conjecture) and the women, who took up all the weapons at their disposal, went underground.

The bible is quite graphic about the genocide carried out by the Hebrews at the instigation of their “God” who seems pretty blood thirsty. The High Priestess committed ritual suicide and placed a terrible curse on the Hebrews. They would never, ever, have peace and would be spread out all over the world and suffer for their sins. That is what has happened.

The priestesses continued their work underground and often entered into alliances with the kings of Israel. When they were respected and honoured as in the time of Solomon, Israel prospered. When the male dominated religion attacked them or corrupted their work (Kabala) then Israel paid a price in its karma.

The priestesses came back again in the time of Jesus. His mother Mary was a priestess and his earliest teacher. He was the messiah but not as expected or as depicted in the Bible. His first disciples were women ( the ’12 Miriams’ )

He was married and when his first wife died had a lover, Mary Magdalene, who was a priestess , mother of his children; and disciple, even though she was powerful in her own right. Eventually they married, the wedding at Canaa. Jesus (not his real name, IESOUS means healer) tried to reconcile the male and female through himself and heal the divided land. When he was rejected and crucified, his mother Mary placed another curse on the land and people. Jerusalem was destroyed in 30 years and its people scattered around the world.

Those who corrupted his word, James and Peter and Paul, all died violent deaths. When you curse another, you curse yourself as well. So the Palestinians and Israelites are bound to each other through eternity, never free from each other. A people may be cursed; an individual may free himself through his or her own actions. In the end, when people can forgive each other and live together in peace and harmony, then peace will return to the land and it will be a Paradise on Earth.

I believe that the solution to the problems of the world will come through the redemption of the land of Israel, not in the biblical slaughter of millions of ‘others, savage hordes and terrorists’; not in the continued oppression of the Palestinian people, but in the living together of Jews, Muslims and Christians in one democratic state, with Jerusalem as an International City.

For that to happen first they, (and all peoples) must accept the Messiah, the Christ, Maitreya, Imam Mahdi, Kalki, the teacher of the world that all religions have foretold but not understood, except in the hearts of those who wait for that being.

I believe that only a few understand that now, for many have been taken over by the anti-Christ, who feeds on fear, and hopelessness, and resistance to change. I am meant to bring peace to this world, but that will only happen when the world changes. You must begin now, for you have little time.

And the quest to rebuild Solomon’s temple is such a waste; as one who once was Solomon, I say this to you, the temple is inside you, not, a sterile edifice built upon human sacrifice. Nor will the Messiah return to a land built on injustice.

I may have lost many of my old friends, but I have gained many more: Israel Shamir, a journalist working for a united country, Liad Kantorowicz, an Israeli punk goddess who places her body in the line of bulldozers knocking down Palestinian homes, and an Israeli doctor who will remain nameless; I won’t jeopardise his job.

The events of September 2001 have changed the world. The enemies are not a band of rag tag revolutionaries who could never have pulled off a sophisticated exercise like this and broken the highest levels of American security. Sorry, it was a joint American military- Mossad exercise and the end result is that the American people have lost the last of their liberties.

I believe that the battle for the soul of the Jewish people will come to an end soon, and one side or the other will emerge victorious. And in the end, it will be the actions of individuals, not groups, that will make the difference.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001


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