Voices from Syria: Reports from Inside Syria by Rev. Andrew Ashdown – Part 1

“Before ‘Freedom’ we had peace”

The Wall Will Fall

27th February 2016

Andrew 1
Rev. Andrew Ashdown

21st Century News

” ‘Freedom?’  I hate the word ‘Freedom’. ‘Freedom’ to me means guns and bullets, suicide bombings and killings.  I have deleted the word from my vocabulary. Don’t talk to me about ‘freedom’. We had peace before they brought us ‘freedom’.”

I was sitting in an old Damascene house – the home of a Syrian Christian woman, situated within the walls of the Old City of Damascus.   A teacher, who has for years taught in a Muslim school, with Sunni, Shia, Christian, Druze children all learning together, talks passionately and emotionally, as she laments the situation in Syria.

The room in which  I am sitting,  her living room, has twice received a direct hit from ‘moderate rebel’ positions in the city.  She shows me the heavy, jagged metal shards of the shell that scattered across her courtyard. Fortunately, she and her young…

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